Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Gifts | Vanilla Favors


Small Glass Jars
#4 Size Corks
Mini Gingham Ribbon
Sticker Paper
X-acto Knife
Homemade Vanilla


1. For the Homemade Vanilla Extract follow the recipe from Elise, Simply Recipe and directions on how to make it.
2. For vanilla labels just like above, download Vanilla Labels here and print onto white sticker paper. Trim out each label. To get nice circles, take your time and use an x-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat - your fingers and table, or u can simply design your own label for it!
3. To get ribbon just like above, cut a 8" long ribbon and wrap around the neck of the bottle crossing in the center. Secure ribbon with a small piece of tape and then apply Vanilla label to the center of the bottle. Finish it off by snipping the ends of ribbon to a point.
4. Once Vanilla is prepared and ready, fill the jars with vanilla using a funnel and cap with a cork.

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