Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Gifts | Summer-Inspired Favor Boxes

Paper Box from local craft store (not too thick)
Japanese hole punch
Fabric or paper flowers

Step 1:Gather you store-bought paper box (in a colors complimenting those of your wedding) your Japanese hole punch, and the flowers you'd like to use.

Step 2: Build your box, and become familiar with the piece that will be the top. Using your Japanese hole punch, punch several holes in the center of the top flap of the box.

Step 3: Separate the flower stems and feed 1-2 into each hole you've punched.

Step 4: Flip over the flap. On the inside of the box, cut the wire stems short and twist them into one stem so they don't hang down into the box and interfere with your favors.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DIY Gifts | Favor Flower pots

Nope, not just any old flower pot. We decided to give the typical (and cheap) terra cotta pots a fresh coat of paint... in your signature wedding color, of course! The best part: it's chalkboard paint! Write a note of thanks or use it as a place setting and scribble your guest's name. How convenient!

Terra cotta pot
Chalkboard paint
Flowering plant

Step 1 Buy your pot and pick your paint color (you can get pretty much any color you want!
Step 2 Give the pot a coat of paint. Set aside to dry.
Step 3 Add in a plant.
Step 4 Write your personal message!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Gifts | Washi Tape Containers

Washi tape
Metal tins (or any container you like!)
Candy, nuts or any favorite treat

Step 1 Fill up the containers with your favors.
Step 2 Break out the washi and decorate those favor packages. Go on and work the tops and sides! Voila!

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Cardboard tube about 4-5 inches long (paper towel rolls and wrapping paper tubes are good sources)
Lace fabric
Crepe Paper
Double stick tape
Very sturdy thread or twine


1. Begin by cutting lace fabric and crepe paper into rectangles. The shortest side of the rectangle should be long enough to wrap around the tube - usually about 6-7 inches. The longest side should be the length of the cardboard tube plus an additional 6-8 inches. Once you've determined your dimensions write them down so all your favors will be uniform.

2. Wrap crepe paper and lace fabric around tube so that the lace fabric faces outward as shown. Secure with double stick tape. Then tie one end with twine. Fill with candy or other favor item and tie remaining edge closed.

3. Optional: Add stars or other adornments to all or a few of the favor crackers.