Sunday, November 22, 2009

Table Number

This is not so much a DIY project as a really simple idea…using brown bags filled with fruit as either a table number OR as seating cards. Depending on the size of the bag that you buy, you can use these little treats in different ways. Either approach is just a really adorable way to bring a bit of charm to your table. This DIY is for seating cards, but really…it’s super easy to translate this project in lots of different ways.

Please note, we kept our bags without names on them, as when we created them, we weren’t sure how we wanted to use them. To complete the seating card DIY, you’ll need to write in your guests names above the number. If you want to use the scalloped hole punch, we’ve allowed enough room on the template for you to do that. Otherwise, we used little dotted lines that are super cute and you can simply cut around them for a pretty darned great look.


Mini Brown Bags (found at Michaels)
Tissue Paper
8.5 x 11″ Card Stock
2.25″ Square Scalloped Hole Punch (found at Michaels)
Color Printer


1. Using your color printer, print out this template. Note that we have left room above the numbers for you to write in the names.

2. Using your hole punch, punch out the squares. Or alternatively, using a paper cutter, trim around the dotted lines.

3. With double stick tape, adhere the labels on to your brown bags, right in the center.

4. Using a red or black pen, scribble in the name of your guests above the number. Don’t worry about being too perfect, this project is all about charm.

5. If you don’t want to fill completely with fruit, stuff the bottom half of the bags with red tissue paper, then fill to the brim with strawberries.

These would look especially cute with cherries!

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