Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY Gifts | Butterfly Box and Table Card


For box:
1. Begin with a 12 x 12 inch sheet of light green paper. Score a line 3 7/8 inches in from one edge, parallel to the edge, running the length of the paper. Repeat on remaining three sides. This piece will become the box lid.
2. Cut the score lines on two opposing sides of the page up to the center scored square.
3. Stamp each of the four square flaps with a different bird stamp using blue ink.
4. Fold the corner squares in and secure with double-sided tape.
5. Score a second 12 x 12 inch sheet of light green paper 4 inches in on all sides, as in Step 1. Repeat Step 2 and tape box together.
6. Stamp the orange cardstock with various teal and red butterflies, and cut them out with a craft knife or precision scissors.
7. Stamp the gold cardstock with orange butterflies and cut them out. You will need approximately three large butterflies and four small ones in all.
8. Cut 1/4 inch strips of orange cardstock: one 4 inches long, three 3 inches long, and three 2 inches long.
9. Roll the 4 inch strip into an oval ring and attach one short end to a small butterfly. Tape the other short end of the ring to the center of the box.
10. Roll the three 3 inch strips into rings, securing with tape. Attach each one to a large butterfly. Tape the bottoms of the rings to the box, so the large butterflies face each other surrounding the first butterfly.
11. Roll the three 2 inch strips into rings and tape them to three small butterflies. Tape rings to the box, using them to obscure the rings in the center of the box between the large butterflies.

For card:
1. Cut a 7 x 5 inch piece of pastel green cardstock. Stamp a bird in the center using blue ink.
2. Score across the cardstock about 3 1/2 inches from the bottom on both sides of the bird. Use a craft knife to cut out the part of the bird above the score line.
3. Stamp a small butterfly onto gold cardstock using orange ink. Cut out the butterfly with scissors or a craft knife on a cutting mat, and tape it to the end of the wire.
4. Cut a small hole along the fold to the right of the bird and insert the other end of the wire, securing it with tape inside the card. Tip: Use scissors, a thumbtack, or a paper clip to create the hole.

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