Saturday, March 26, 2011

Idea Gifts | Wrapagami

Lay a button-down shirt flat with the back of the shirt facing up. Slide your gift box inside the shirt.

CLX shirt ht1 wrap 1209 de 99902289 Gift Wrapping Ideas   Wrapagami

Fold the top and bottom of the shirt over the gift. Use a safety pin to secure any excess fabric, if necessary.

CLX shirt ht2 wrap 1209 de 21130948 Gift Wrapping Ideas   Wrapagami

Cross the sleeves so they wrap around the back of the box, then flip the gift right side up.

CLX shirt ht 3 wrap 1209 de 21709645 Gift Wrapping Ideas   Wrapagami

Tie the sleeves into a square knot. If your gift is narrow, you may be able to tie the sleeves into a bow.

CLX shirt ht3 wrap 1209 de 69009855 Gift Wrapping Ideas   Wrapagami

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