Monday, June 29, 2009

Three-Dimensional Doily Ornament

Tools and Materials

  • Templates A and B
  • Disappearing-ink marker
  • Laminated linen or other sturdy, nonfraying fabric
  • Ruler
  • Fabric shears
  • Scallop shears
  • Neutral-colored thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Twine

Step 1

Download templates A and B. Print onto card stock; cut out.

Step 2

Using template A, trace 3 circles with a disappearing-ink marker onto laminated linen or other sturdy, nonfraying fabric.

Step 3

Cut out 2 circles with fabric shears. Cut out remaining circle with scallop shears (or use straight-edged ones).

Step 4

Lay template B atop 1 smooth-edged circle. With disappearing-ink marker, mark dots on fabric where lines on template fall. Using a ruler and disappearing ink marker, connect opposite dots to re-create lines on template.

Step 5

Lay lined circle atop remaining smooth-edged circle; hand- or machine-stitch along lines with neutral-colored thread (we used blue to illustrate).

Step 6

At each sewn wedge, fold in edge of top layer; secure each fold with a pin inserted through both layers.

Step 7

Lay sewn circles atop scallop-edged circle. Along edge at midpoint of each wedge, tack middle layer to bottom layer. Tie off; trim thread. Remove pins; unfold top layer.

Step 8

With disappearing-ink marker, mark a dot at each wedge's midpoint along edge. Slip a threaded needle under and up around 1 dot (through top layer only). Repeat at next 5 dots in order (do not cut thread).

Step 9

Gently pull ends of thread, gathering top layer into center. Knot thread; trim. With twine, sew a loop to bottom layer, and knot to hang.

Looped Ribbon Ornament How-To
1. Cut a 6-foot-8 1/4-inch length of 1/2-inch-wide white paper ribbon.

2. Starting at 1 end of ribbon and using measurement lines on a cutting mat as guides, make folds at 4-inch intervals, creasing with a bone folder. (There should be 20 folds in all, with 1/4 inch of ribbon extending beyond final fold.)

3. Bend top end of ribbon to meet first fold, forming a loop. To secure loop, place a 1/4-inch-long piece of heavy-duty, doublesided tape where top end and fold meet. Press with fingers to seal.

4. Bend ribbon to form another loop. Place tape between loop to secure. Press to seal.

5. Repeat to create loops down length of ribbon (use tweezers to press if needed).

6. Apply tape to 1/4-inch tab, and attach to base of first loop. Press to seal.

7. Insert a length of linen thread through a loop, and knot to hang.

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