Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Photo Wreath

Take your pictures out of the frame and create a clever holiday decoration.

What you'll need: A 12- or 14-inch Styrofoam wreath form, colored card stock, 3-inch circle template, pencil, scissors, glue stick, decorative-edge scissors, 4-x-6-inch black-and-white photos, craft glue, ribbon, jingle bells, 2 T-pins

Make it: Use circle template to cut circles from card stock; cut faces from black-and-white photos into slightly smaller circles. Use a glue stick to attach the photo cutouts to card stock, then trim the card stock with decorative-edge scissors. Glue the photos to the surface of the Styrofoam wreath form with edges overlapping. Thread ribbon through jingle bells and tie bows. Glue the bells in between the photos as desired. Attach a loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath with T-pins and hang.

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