Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ribbon Bow Ornaments

Bows are always in style at the holidays, and this year they have an added cachet: these festive accents are the darlings of couture, showing up in fresh and inspiring forms on every item of clothing imaginable. Combine their classic and current appeal by outfitting your abode in all sorts of bows.

Petal Bow-Ornament
The petal bow is similar to the medallion bow. For the petal bow, make 2 1/4-inch accordion folds in ribbon (ours is 5/8 inch wide and 45 inches long); end with the raw edges facing down. Pass needle and thread through bottom, about 1/4 inch from edge. Hold together, and pull taut; knot. Spread petals; tie silver twine around thread to hang.

Figure-Eight Ornament
This is made with 15-inch-long, 3/8-inch-wide satin ribbon. Follow instructions on page 102 to make three figure-eight bows, but start with the cut edge at back of bow instead of at front, and make two layers instead of three. Cross and glue two of the bows. Glue a loop of silver twine at the front center. Glue a third bow across the middle, as shown, concealing twine.

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