Friday, September 9, 2011

How to tie a bow

Learning how to tie a bow is easy with a little practice, and is a wonderful skill to have for gift wrapping, card making, and more.

1. Measure out your ribbon by wrapping the ribbon around your box twice – cut your ribbon length. Leave enough extra ribbon so you can trim the edges again, if necessary, after your bow is tied.

Step 1_how to tie a bow

2. Wrap ribbon around the box from the bottom to the top. Hold ribbon taut around the top of the box, and with your right hand pull the length of ribbon on the left over and under to create a single tie, as you would when tying your shoe.

Step 2_how to tie a bow

3. Place your left thumb onto the ribbon to hold the tension and pull the ribbon length of the right side up to create a loop.

Step 3_how to tie a bow

4. Pull the loop to the left as you use your left hand to take the ribbon length around the loop.

Step 4_how to tie a bow

5. Using your left thumb you can push the ribbon length under the first loop, then through the opening. Use your right hand to pull up to create a second loop.

Step 5_how to tie a bow

6. Pull the two loop ends to create an even bow.

Step 6_how to tie a bow

7. Tighten the bow to your desired length.

Step 7_how to tie a bow

8. To create even edges, pull together both ribbon tails and cut at the same location. Cut at any angle you please. Sharp scissors are a must!

Step 8_how to tie a bow

Ta da!…the perfect bow. Now finish off with a decorative gift tag and note to make your gift special and unique.

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