Sunday, July 19, 2009

Curling Ribbons

These trimmings are same ol', same ol' in the world of gift wrap, but a few twists can turn them into something new. Concentric loops, held together with a staple, impart a modern look. Long teardrop shapes are unabashedly pretty. Accordion folds make a flower or a lone sunburst rendered in ribbon. As for loose spirals, there's only one rule: The more, the merrier.

Give It a Whirl
Bend wide ribbons (which hold their shape) into a geometric medley, or repeat one shape for a bold statement. Affix with double-sided tape, hiding staples with more loops of ribbon.

For a concentric design, make small circles, then larger ones, working from the spool and holding the ribbon at the bottom.

Staple at bottom (use a mini stapler if a larger one won't fit); trim end of ribbon.

For teardrops, hold ribbon in middle, and loop to either side; staple in middle; trim.

Cascading Curls
Run a scissor blade down ribbon, from middle to ends, varying the tension for tight or loose curls. Gather ribbons; cinch in the middle with a length of thinner ribbon. Affix with a hot-glue gun.

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