Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guest Room Gifts | Making gifts

When guests travel, they'll naturally have the essentials with them, as well as a few niceties for added convenience or comfort. But as weddings editor Darcy Miller suggests, placing a small, inexpensive gift package in each guest's room will complement their own effects with a luxurious touch.

One idea is to stack three different-size boxes with a selection of snacks. You might consider including gourmet or homemade cookies (include a recipe card if they're homemade) in the largest box, pistachios in the medium, and chocolate-covered raisins in the smallest. Wrap strips of wrapping paper around each of the boxes, stack them in graduated order, tie them together with ribbon, and affix the boxes with tags.

Darcy also suggests collecting just the right ingredients for a "warm welcome" basket -- the ideal greeting for a winter wedding. Start with a large container of hot cocoa and a bag of mini-marshmallows, measuring them out into individual serving sizes and placing them in small cellophane bags. Seal the bags with double-sided tape, and add a label made from card stock. Cut the card stock so it's 2 inches wide and the same length as the width of the cellophane bag. Fold the label in half lengthwise, and use the double-sided tape to attach it to the top of the bag. You can also include two mugs, each filled with a pair of new, cozy socks. The cocoa and the mugs can be packaged in a small wooden compact-disc crate, lined with natural excelsior.

A third idea is to create a spa basket. Line a sinamay basket with decorative paper. Purchase travel-size bottles and fill them with bath gel, shampoo, and lotion, adding a label to each. You can also add a bundle of bath salts, individually packaged bars of special soap, a loofah pad, a small scented candle and matches, and a card printed with a few basic yoga stretches.

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