Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Make Your Chocolates “Bloom”

What You’ll Need:
Crepe paper ( or tissue paper)
Ribbon (1/8 of an inch wide)
Wired millinery leaves
Foil wrapped chocolates
Low temp glue gun


1. Begin by cutting a 6″ (approximately) square of crepe paper.

2. Fold in half, then into quarters. (See figure 1)
3. Fold in half again to make a triangle (see figure 2) and then fold in half again. (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).
4. Cut a rounded “V” in the non pointy end of the triangle. (see figure 3)
5. Unfold your crepe paper. It should be shaped like a daisy. ( see figure 4)
6. Put a foil-wrapped chocolate in the center of the daisy. (see figure 5).
7. Pull the petals up around the chocolate, and tie a ribbon just above the top of the chocolate.
8. Drop into the candy cup, and fluff your paper flower petals. Add a wired leaf around the neck to complete.
9. Arrange on a dish or place a bloom at each place setting.

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